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Friends, are you going to appear for WB Primary TET written exam

Don't know how to fill up TET OMR sheet? Are you scared about
WB Primary TET OMR
filling of OMR properly

Well, in any competitive exam, when you are going to write the exam you should be very careful about filling of OMR sheet. May be you have a very good preparation for exam, but you have made a mistake while filling the OMR sheet. In this case you are not allowed to give a second OMR and hence your exam is cancelled. You all efforts for the exams will go in vein. So, be careful about it.

Filling of OMR sheet is as important as your exam writing. So, you need to practice of filling up sample OMR sheet at home. That's why we are giving here a sample OMR sheet for Primary TET exam.

You need to download the pdf file and get print out copies. 

Download here for WB Primary TET Sample OMR Sheet.


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