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Waiting for today's RRB NTPC questions? We are going to share here general awareness questions of RRB NTPC CBT held on April 6, 2016.

General Awareness Questions of Rail NTPC Online Test held on 06.04.2016

These questions have been collected based on the memories of the candidates.

  • Who is known as Badshah Khan? (Ans- Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan)
  • What is smiling buddha mission? (Ans- Testing of India's 1st nuclear bomb at Pokhran, Rajasthan)
  • Another name of Mars? (Ans- Red Planet)
  • Which is responsible for Yellow Fever? (Ans- Male Mosquitoes)
  • Who is the 1st woman DG of Parliamentary Forces? (Ans- Archana Ramasundaram)
  • In which year, British rule was ended? (Ans- 1947)
  • Who can remove Chief Election Commissioner? (Ans- Parliament having 2/3rd votes of members of both houses)
  • Common name of Calcium Hydroxide? (Ans- Lime Water)
  • Which female wrestler got Arjuna Award in 2015? (Ans- Babita Kumari)
  • Largest stadium of USA? (Ans- Michigan Stadium)
  • Syed Modi Grand Prix is related to which sports? (Ans- Badminton)
  • Nephrone is in which gland? (Ans- Kidney)
  • In which year, our Parliament was established? (Ans- 1927)
  • In which city, Yankee stadium is located? (Ans- New York)
  • Which of the following is not a Gland? (Ans- Gall Bladder)
  • In which year, Microsoft was founded? (Ans- 1975)
  • In which year, Start Up India was launched? (Ans- 2016)
  • Which tennis player has won maximum number of Grand Slams in 2015? (Ans- Novac Djokovic)
  • Afghanistan political system is known as? (Ans- Democratic Republic)
  • How Generator works? (Ans- by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy?
  • Currency of Mayanmar? (Ans- Kyat)
  • Shortcut key for pasting in MS word? (Ans- CTRL+V)
  • Which is dwarf planet? (Ans- Pluto)
  • Chemical name of Laughing Gas? (Ans- Nitrous Oxide)
  • Full form of PAN? (Ans- Permanent Account Number)
  • Types of Emergency mentioned in our constitution? (Ans- 3)
  • Study of Coins? (Ans- Numismatics)
  • Popular dance of Tamil Nadu? (Ans- Bharat Natyam)
  • The mission Ligo is related to? (Ans- Black Holes)
  • Alternative name of Leprosy? (Ans- Hansen's disease)
  • The high court's judges retire at the age of? (Ans- 62)
  • Epicentre is related to which natural calamity? (Ans- Earthquake)
  • Who got first Bharat Ratna award? (Ans- C.V. Raman)

That's all we have collected from the aspirants!

If you remember rest of the questions, you may share with us. To share the questions, post in the comment box given below.


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