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Looking for RRB NTPC's questions of April 3, 2016? Today we are going to share here general awareness and general science questions of RRB NTPC online test held on 03.04.2016. Check out!

General Awareness Questions asked in RRB NTPC online exam held on 3rd April, 2016

These questions have been received from the candidates who have appeared in today's online test. Questions of all the shifts i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd shifts are here.

  • Which is the new member of WTO? (Ans - Afghanistan)
  • Which is the cleanest city in India? (Ans - Mysore)
  • Capital of Sri Lanka? (Ans - Jawavardhan Kotte)
  • Capital of Uganda? (Ans - Kampala)
  • Orang Park is in? (Ans - Assam)
  • Which country has its capital Male? (Ans - Republic of Maldives)
  • Makar Sankranti is a__? (Ans - Festival)
  • Win-X, Win-7, Win-98, C++ - which is not an operating system? (Ans - C++)
  • Longest railway root in India? (Ans - Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari)
  • Name of the vitamin which is responsible for blood clotting? (Ans - Vitamin K)
  • According to 2015 Peace Index, which is the most peaceful country? (Ans - Iceland)
  • What is the chemical name of KOH? (Ans - Potassium Hydroxide)
  • Name of Plane-X? (Ans - Nibiru Cataclysm)
  • First woman to climb Mount Everest? (Ans - Junko Tabei)
  • Chipko Movement started in which state? (Ans - Rajasthan)
  • Mica is mostly found in which state? (Ans - Jharkhand)
  • Name of Pokhran test operation held in 1998? (Ans - Operation Shakti)
  • Meaning of Archipelagos? (Ans - A group of small island)
  • Who won the maximum gold medals in individual category in Olympics Game? (Ans - Michael Phelps)
  • Chemical name of Baking Soda? (Ans - Sodium Bicarbonate)
  • Crop that is produced in highest quantity in India? (Ans - Rice)
  • Full form of LIGO?
  • Who designed Make in India logo? (Ans - Wieden Kennedy)
  • Sighmo is a __? (Ans - Festival)
  • What is the currency of Bhutan? (Ans - Bhutanese Ngultrum)
  • Author of Malgudi Days? (Ans - R.K. Narayan)
  • In which year, Sikkim became a full state? (Ans - 1975)
  • Largest fresh water lake in India? (Ans - Wular Lake)
  • Who was Carl marx?
  • Arunachal Pradesh became a full state in which year? (Ans - 1987)
  • In 1896, Olympics Game held first time at? (Ans - Athens, Greece)
  • What is Limerick? (Ans - a five line poetry)
  • Who quoted the line "In the practice of tolerance, one's enemy is the best teacher"? (Ans - Dalai Lama)
  • Adhai Din ka Jhonpra is situated at? (Ans - Ajmer, Rajasthan)
  • Full form of WLAN? (Ans - Wireless Local Area Network)
  • Full form of PNR used in rail? (Ans - Passenger Name Record)
  • Who is the youngest surgeon in the world? (Ans - Akrit Jaswal)
  • What is Oneirology? (Ans - Study of Dreams)
  • What do you mean by Bicameral System? (Ans - State Legislature having two houses)
  • Full form of BESK? (Ans - Binary Electronics Sequence Calculator, it is a Swedish name)
  • Most abundant natural combustible gas found in the atmosphere? (Ans - Methane)

If you remembered rest of the questions asked in the examination, you may share with us.

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