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Looking for RRB NTPC 2016 solved question papers? We have provided here general awareness questions asked in Rail NTPC online exam held on 16.04.2016 in all the three shifts.

Rail NTPC General Awareness Questions held on 16.04.2016

These questions have been collected based on memories.

  • Inventor of Revolver?  (Ans- Samuel Colt)
  • Who was the first ruler of Vidyanagar? (Ans- Harihar-I)
  • Where is the highest Statue of Christ located? (Ans- Brazil)
  • What is the SI unit of Force? (Ans- Newton)
  • Study of Heat is known as? (Ans- Thermodynamics)
  • Constitution Day is celebrated on? (Ans- November 26)
  • Pendulum Clock was invented by? (Ans- Christian Huygens)
  • Swadeshi Movement was started on? (Ans- August, 1905)
  • When did PA Sangma serve as Speaker in Lok Sabha? (Ans- 1996-1998)
  • Full form of MMU? (Ans- Memory Management Unit)
  • Replanting in the forest is known as? (Ans- Reforestation)
  • In which country, Felithiye Island is located? (Ans- Maldives)
  • Who is the CEO of Flipkart? (Ans- Binny Bansal)
  • Full form of SPM? (Ans- Scanning Probe Microscope)
  • Who invented computer mouse? (Ans- Douglas Engelbart)
  • Which state produces highest amount silk in India? (Ans- Karnataka)
  • Largest serving Chief Minister in India? (Ans- Jyoti Basu)
  • Who is the 23rd Governor of RBI? (Ans- Raghuram Rajan)
  • Longest bridge in the world is made by which country? (Ans- China)
  • Which gas is known as Laughing Gas? (Ans- Nitrous Oxide)
  • Brain of Computer is known as? (Ans- Central Processing Unit- CPU)
  • Saina Nehwal is associated with which sports? (Ans- Badminton)
  • Full form of UHT? (Ans- Ultra High Temperature)
  • Inventor of Fountain Pen? (Ans- Petrache Poenaru)
  • In which state Goecha La Pass is situated? (Ans- Sikkim)
  • Which  bacteria is responsible for converting milk to curd? (Ans- Lactobacillus Bacteria)
  • Total number of bones in human body? (Ans- 206)
  • Who presented 2016 Rail Budget? (Ans- Suresh Prabhu)
  • Who is known as Frontier Gandhi? (Ans- Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan)
  • What is equal to Atomic number? (Ans- Number of Protons)
  • Full form of MRP? (Ans- Maximum Retail Price)
  • When was Aam Aadmi Party formed? (Ans- November 26, 2012)
  • Full form of TCP related to Network? (Ans- Transfer Control Protocol)
  • Name of the bank formed by BRICS? (Ans- New Development Bank)
  • Name of the king of Pallava Dynasty who wrote stories? (Ans- Narashimhavarman-I)

That's all we have got from the aspirants.

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