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We have published here general awareness and general studies questions of RRB NTPC online exam held on April 12, 2016.

RRB NTPC General Awareness questions asked on 12th April, 2016

These questions have been collected based on the memory.

  • World Heritage Day is on? (Ans - April 18)
  • Nargis Dutt was an? (Ans - Indian Film Actress)
  • Black Gold? (Ans - Coal)
  • Planet that named after roman god? (Ans - Venus)
  • World's Poisonous fish? (Ans - Stone Fish)
  • Director of Bhaba Atomic Research Centre? (Ans - Sekhar Basu)
  • First and last female ruler of Delhi Sultanate? (Ans - Razia Sultana)
  • Who is Dipa Karmakar? (Ans - Gymnastics)
  • Current President of Pakistan? (Ans - Mamnoon Hussain)
  • T Basic is a? (Ans - Programming language)
  • Current Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh? (Ans - Kalikho Pul)
  • Where is Golden Pagoda temple of budhist located? (Ans - Myanmar)
  • Hottest planet in the solar system? (Ans - Venus)
  • Winner of Australian Open women's doubles  title? (Ans - Martina Hinghis and Sania Mirza)
  • 'To kill a mocking bird' book is written by? (Ans - Harper Lee)
  • Where is Borobudur Temple located? (Ans - Indonesia)
  • Which dynasty came after Mauryas? (Ans - Sunga Dynasty)
  • Into which energy, Hydropower plants convert the mechanical energy? (Ans - Electrical energy)
  • Name the captain who won the 1st world cup for Australia? (Ans - Allen Border)
  • Chemical name of Vinegar? (Ans - Acetic Acid)
  • What is Apgar score test ? (Ans - To summarize health of new born baby)
  • Which element is in Diamond? (Ans - Carbon)
  • Which company first marketed Jeans? (Ans - Denim; Lee is a American brand of Denim)
  • Atmospheric Pressure is measured by? (Ans - Barometer)
  • Where is Nathu-La-Pass located? (Ans - Gangtok, Sikkim)
  • Where is Heart of Asia-Istanbul 2016 held ? (Ans - India)
  • Where was Osama Bin Laden killed? (Ans - Abbottobad, Pakistan)
  • Which was the India's 1st Hindi Newspaper? (Ans - Udant Martand)
  • Muslim League was formed in? (Ans - 1906)
  • Which is known as Niagara Falls of India?  (Ans - Atthirapilly Falls)
  • Sweat Gland is in which organ? (Ans - Skin)
  • Medicine for malaria can be extracted from? (Ans - Cinchona)
  • In atom, which particle has the neutral charge? (Ans - Nutron)
  • Who has been chosen as TIMES Person of the Year 2015? (Ans - Angela Markel)
  • Who is known as the Father of Modern Chemistry? (Ans - Lavoisier)
  • Which is responsible for Measles? (Ans - Paramyxovirus)
  • Founder of Pal Dynasty? (Ans - Gopal)
  • Abhishek Verma is associated with which sports? (Ans - Archery)
  • Between which two countries, 1st night test match was played? (Ans - Australia vs New Zealand)
  • Nobel Prize 2015 winner in physics? (Ans - Takkaki Kajita and Arthur B. Mcdonald)

If you remember rest of the questions you may share with others.


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