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Looking for today's RRB NTPC questions? We have shared here general awareness questions including general science questions of RRB NTPC CBT held on 10.04.2016.

General Awareness Questions of Rail NTPC Online Exam held on 10th April, 2016

Today i.e. on April 10, there was only one shift (3rd shift) in which the exam was conducted. Anyway, we have collected some of the questions based on the memories of the candidates.

  • Where is National Institute of Community Development located? (Ans- Hyderabad)
  • Present Lok Sabha?  (Ans- 16th Lok Sabha)
  • Name of the party of Adolf Hitler?  (Ans- Nazi Party)
  • Famous Indian player Jude Felix is associated with which sports?  (Ans- Hockey)
  • Who is known as 'Iron Man of India'?  (Ans- Sardar Vallavbhai Patel)
  • Unit for measuring the amplitude of sound?  (Ans- Decibel)
  • The Battle of Plassey was fought in?  (Ans- 1757)
  • Name the two great mughals who wrote their autobiography?  (Ans- Babar and Jahangir)
  • 1st World War was started in which year?  (Ans- 1914)
  • Which metal forms an amalgam with other metals?  (Ans- Mercury)
  • Who can declare Financial Emergency?  (Ans- The President)
  • Where is Mahabodhi Temple located?  (Ans- Bodh Gaya, Bihar
  • Ambassador of Maharashtra's Tiger Reserve?  (Ans- Amitabh Bacchan)
  • Full form of DVD?  (Ans- Digital Video Disc)
  • Who got the title best woman cricketer 2015?  (Ans- Mithali Raj)
  • What is the unit of Pressure?  (Ans- Pascal)
  • The state which has the lowest population density?  (Ans- Arunachal Pradesh)
  • What is Saurology?  (Ans- Study of Lizard)
  • By which movement, Goa was freed from Portugal?  (Ans- Goa Liberation Movement)
  • Name the acid that helps human body to digest?  (Ans- Gastric Acid- HCL)
  • Full form of ISRO?  (Ans- Indian Space Research Organization)
  • At which age, the judges of the Supreme Court retire?  (Ans- 65 years)
  • When was world's human heart's transplant was successfully made?  (Ans- 1967)
  • Study of Human?  (Ans- Anthropology)

That's all have been asked in today's RRB NTPC CBT (3rd shift).

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