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Searching for RRB NTPC 2016 question papers? We are going to share here general awareness questions of RRB NTPC (CEN 03/2015) 2016 exam held on 31st March, 2016. Check out!

General Awareness Questions of RRB NTPC Exam held on 31.03.2016

We have got these questions based on the memories of the candidates who have just faced the online test on 31.03.2016.

  • On the bank of which river, Hirakund Dam is situated? (Ans- Mahanadi)
  • Headquarter of NASA? (Ans- Washington DC)
  • In which place, OSAMA Bin Laden was killed? (Ans- Abbottabad, Pakistan)
  • Which is known as 'Banker of Banks'? (Ans- RBI)
  • What is Prostate? (Ans-  Gland)
  • When did Bangladesh get its Constitution? (Ans- 4th November, 1972)
  • Which country will host 2019 Cricket World Cup? (Ans- England)
  • Numbers of players in volleyball game in each team? (Ans- 6)
  • Political Guru of Mahatma Gandhi? (Ans- G.K. Gokhle)
  • PM Narendra Modi announced new scheme for farmers? What is its name? (Ans- Crop Insurance Scheme?
  • Asian Game stated in which year? (Ans- 1951)
  • In which year, Chandrayan-I was launched? (Ans- 2008)
  • On which day, Computer Security Day is observed? (Ans- November 30)
  • Name of space shuttle in which Kalpana Chawla was in 2003? (Ans- Columbia)
  • Virat Kohli got Arjun Award in which year? (Ans- 2013)
  • Among LAL-BAL-PAL, who are BAL and LAL? (Ans- Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Bipin Chandra Pal)
  • For which disease, a person can see only nearby objects? (Ans- Myopia)
  • In which state, Kundankulam is situated? (Ans- Tamil Nadu)
  • Who hit 6 sixes in six balls in T-20 World Cup? (Ans- Yuvraj Singh)
  • First woman Chief Minister in a state in India? (Ans- Sucheta Kripalini)
  • Who partitioned Bengal in 1905? (Ans- Lord Curzon)
  • Which country will host FIFA World Cup 2018? (Ans- Russia)
  • First Home Minister of India? (Ans- Sardar Vallav Bhai Patel)
  • In which language, webpages are written? (Ans- HTML)
  • Governor of a state in India is elected by? (Ans- The President)
  • Which national park is marked as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1985? (Ans- Kaziranga National Park)
  • Alternative name of Larynx? (Ans- Voice Box)
  • In which human organ, Dialysis is done? (Ans- Kidney )
  • National Unity Day is on? (Ans- October 31)
  • Winner of Gold Medal in Tennis in 2012 Olympic Game? (Ans- Andy Murray)
  • Highest producer of Tea in India? (Ans- Assam)

That we have collected from the candidates who have appeared at the online exam (CBT).

If you remember rest of the questions, share with us as comments.

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