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Looking for RRB NTPC 2016 questions? We have shared here general awareness questions which were asked in Rail NTPC 2016 exam held on March 30, 2016. Read out!

RRB NTPC General Awareness Questions asked on 30.03.2016

We have collected some of the questions based on candidates' memories. Answers of few uncommon questions have been mentioned here. If you want to know answers of other questions, post that questions in the comment box.

  1. Full form of IFSC in banking system?
  2. Where is Thar desert located?
  3. In which year, Quit India Movement was held?
  4. Cricket World Cup 2019 game will be held in?
  5. Which team won Hockey League 2016 title?
  6. Good Governance Day is observed on? (Ans- December 25)
  7. Study of Cancer is called?
  8. Indian Currency Coin is made by which metal?
  9. Who is the 15th Prime Minister of India?
  10. Audiophone is invented by?
  11. Who designed National Flag of India?
  12. Which state has the famous game named Jalikattu?
  13. If you want to get Help Menu in computer, which key you should press?  (Ans- F1)
  14. In which year Line of Control (LOC) was constructed?
  15. Name the states that achieved 100% inclusion in PMJDY?  (Ans- Goa & Kerala)
  16. How many languages printed in our currency notes? 
  17. RBI extended to which date to change the notes that are printed before 2005?  (Ans- 30th June, 2016)
  18. Constitution Day is observed on?
  19. Headquarter of National Space Society?
  20. Head Quarter of UNO?
  21. The source of Vitamin that we got mostly from?  (Ans- Sunlight)
  22. Shimla Agreement was made between?  (Ans- Indira Gandhi and Z. Ali Bhutto)
  23. Indian Army conducted the exercise 'Meghdoot' which place?  (Ans- Siachen)
  24. Full form of BIOS in computer system?
  25. Who is the winner of ISL 2015?
  26. Money transfer through mobile in known as?  (Ans- IMPS)
  27. Who published Young Indian Weekly Journal?  (Ans- Mahatma Gandhi)
  28. What is the capital of Jammu & Kashmir during summer? 
  29. MS office is an?  (Ans- Application Software)
  30. Ganga of South India?  (Ans- Kaveri)
  31. In which year Bhagat Singh was executed? 
  32. Capital of Arunachal Pradesh?
  33. Who wrote the book 'Wings of Fire'?
  34. Who was the first president of INC after independence?  (Ans- Indira Gandhi)
  35. Chemotherapy is used for treatment of which disease?
  36. Whose signature is in one rupee currency note?  (Ans- Finance Secretary)
  37. How the members of Rajya Sabha are elected?
  38. Name of the virus of Chicken Pox disease?  
  39. Who is the 1st won to win Gold medal in Olympic Boxing vent?
  40. RBI Currency Notes are made by which materials?


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