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Going to face SSC CGL 2013 re-exam's interview? Staff Selection Commission has already start conducting interview for Combined Graduate Level (CGL) 2013 recruitment. Today we are going to share here real-time CGL 2013 interview experience of Mr. Rohit Dixit from Raipur. Happy Reading!

Interview Experience details of Rohit Dixit:

Today on 5th Jan 2015, I had my SSC CGL interview at SSC MPR, Raipur. Sharing my experience...

I reached Raipur after long exhaustible journey of 31 hours from Jaipur on 4th afternoon...
Though I was carrying a Blazer for interview but it was too hot there so I dropped my plan..

D DAY-I reached SSC office on time (After searching it about half an hour in mazes and found it in one house)..I was having my name on first place in list of candidates.Two groups were there each having 21 candidates. We were offered chairs on roof top...
ssc cgl interview experience
Soon a MTS person came with attendance sheet, and said to us to be ready with four Bio data sheets and other docs. Another format was also given which was having purpose for authentication of the candidate. This sheet was full of repetitive lines which we need to write by hand. Same lines with small and capital fonts are to write two times each (Quick fox line and numerals were also there).

Document verification- After few minutes I was called on for document verification. I went in a small room..A nice person was sitting there. He took my Biodata forms and checked my all certificates like a Gold smith..A good thing with SSC this time was that it made a central online software for doc verification.. The NICE person submitted all details in that software..He, then, asked me about post preference form and submitted the preference in that software..I was then finished with my docs verification after 45 minutes and got a printout of confirmation from that software..

Interview Board - I was soon called for interview..Being first interview candidate of the first day I was nervous..I Went to the board room. There were 3 members in panel including a lady...I wished them good morning and took seat..Interview goes like it....Interview Panel (M1,M2,M3) and me Rohit Dixi ( RDX)

M1- Well, Rohit you are from Rajasthan?(Looking at my Bio data)
RDX -Yes sir..

M1- Where is head office of Rajasthan Education Board
RDX- Ajmer (I felt great as it was simple question and I knew the ans)

M1- Tell us about your family background?
RDX- I told them

M1- In which subjects you did ur graduation? OK Bio data me LIKHA HOGA….. (He tried to find out but was not able to)
RDX- I told that I did Agricultural Engineering. (After getting this he didn't ask any questions from my graduation)

M1- Then few questions from GK!!! (I told, sure sir.. ) OK then tell on what Modi government is focusing??
RDX- Various policies like Make in India, Good Governance, Digital India, Clean India and explained all in detail

M1- Anything else??
RDX- NITI Ayog and various ordinances like coal, insurance and land acquisition act..

M1- Ok, what you think?? Land acquisition amendment act is god??
RDX- yes sir. It will help to boom investment and national economy, and told about one year provision on last UPA act of 2013

M1- No,(He said big No… ) How can a law which denies Gram Sabha's approval be good (He was in no mood of considering this as a good move..I tried to explain him but all in vain..At last)
RDX- sir as per economic perspective its good but as per society perspective there is a need for further reconsideration.. (He smiled)

M1- You know what is Gram Sabha…(Yes sir)..Then tell constitutional provisions about it??
RDX- I explained all about 73rd CA Act of Panchayati Raj

M1- what you think about abolition of Privy Purse? Was it good??
RDX- I explained about Fundamental Rights of Right to equality and need for abolition of Privy Purse.. ( I mentioned year also and told that it was done by Madam IG)

M1- You know Ebola.....( I cut his sentence and said yes… He changed question and asked)..Which country reported Ebola case two days earlier?
RDX- Sorry sir( I was clue less as no news paper reading due to intensive travelling..Don’t get excite and cut sentence..I have paid Penalty)..

M1- Few questions from Geography ( Yes sir..)
Tell about border countries of India?
RDX- I told all 7 with direction wise.

M1- what separate Srilanka from India?
RDX- Palk Strait and Gulf of Munnar

M1-what is used for measuring height of place above sea level??
RDX- sir I think its altimeter but I am not sure..

M1- Any country below sea level??
RDX- Sorry sir..Don’t know

M1- U ever heard that in a country there is 6 month day and night?
RDX-(Thought what a Bus stand GK 20Rs book type questions he is asking) Yes sir ..All the areas latitudinal beyond arctic circle and Antarctic circle have same phenomena like Norway, few part of Siberia, Stewart island etc

M1- OK,I tell you few countries.. tell me old names of these??(ok sir)..He asked Afghanistan, Srilanka and Bangladesh..
RDX- Gandhar Pradesh(he said no ), Srilanka is selon and Bangladesh is east Pakistan..

Now he told to other member to start-

M2- Why u left ur previous private job and joined in CAG despite having low salary..
RDX- Quality and nature of work was not good there and......

M2- ….now you again want to shift why??
RDX- salary and promotion aspects are good in CBDT and CBEC jobs..(she smiled)

M2- A law was passed recently in relation to Income tax ?
RDX- I intensely pondered but could not remember.. Said sorry

M2- You should know as you are aspiring for CBDT?
RDX- Ma'am I don't remember any new law but now days only GST is being discussed but it is for indirect tax..and in income tax its DTC, but there is no provision or discussion going on in government

M2- Will you have to submit income tax for the matured sum of LIC?
RDX- sorry ma'am ( M2 is going to give me worst grade)

She told third member to continue-

M3- what is objective of clean India mission?
RDX- cleanliness, Stopping open defecations ,building infrastructure, and achieve target till Oct 2019

M1- But how will you do--(M1 and M2 went on discussing about clean India and finally) how can we get cleaned our country...??? They gave me cleanliness example of Scandinavian countries...
RDX- I told them there are 5 ways
1. Education and awareness
2. Technology and Foreign investment
3. Infrastructure
4. .....&&&& focusing on Safai-walas
( I have said five but could not remember more...they also didn't notice it)

They then said me to leave...

Few more questions I am not able to recall...The type of damn facts they asked ,it was not expected...but overall it went OK...No questions were asked from current job, from Biodata (despite I am having many extracurricular activities and achievements) and from Hobbies..

Hope for good marks.....

We thank Mr. Rohit Dixit for sharing his interview experience with us! All the best!

Disclaimer: Copied from SSC CGL Exam 2013's facebook page. We have published it after getting the permission from the admin of the page.

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