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New India Assurance Company Limited (NIACL) has conducted today the exam for the recruitment of Administrative Officers (AO). Now it's the time to share general knowledge questions asked in NIACL AO exam 2014 held on January 10, 2015. Read out!

NIACL AO 2014 General Awareness questions asked on 10.01.15

  • On which day, Human Rights Day is celebrated?
  • Who is present cabinet minister of Defence?
  • With how many states does Telengana share its border?
  • Full form of NEFT?
  • To which sports, FIBA is related?
  • What is the currency of Greece?
  • In GST, 'G' stands for?
  • The country which has the highest rate of literacy?
  • What is the capital of Germany?
  • Where was the ASEAN Summit 2014 held?
  • Who is the global partner of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015?
  • Headquarter of International Labour Organization (ILO)?
  • What is the new name of Ing Vysa insurance?
  • Where is the Great Himalaya National Park situated?
  • The new name of Pune University?
  • Banks sale insurance is known as?
  • Name the cricketer of Australia who has just completed 1000 runs in 2014?
  • Which type of organization PFRDA is?

We have collected these questions based on the memory of the candidates. If you remember rest of the questions you may share here as comments.


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