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Bad things are happening in SSC CGL 2013 exam. Firstly, the entire recruitment process of SSC CGL 2013 was cancelled even after conducting of CGL 2013 tier-II exam! Secondly, the state preference in SSC CGL 2013 recruitment has been withdrawn.

Then what will happen? What will be its effect?

ssc cgl 2013 state preferenceNow the candidates will have no choice of state preference. As a result, the state allocation for all provisionally selected candidates will be solely made by the respective department where the candidates will be posted.  

No doubt, it's really a non-sense decision by SSC. We can't such type of senseless decision from SSC. As a result it will encourage fraud in post-recruitment process. Mr. N.K. Raghupathy, Ex-Chairman of SSC, has just expressed his anger on social media! Let's see what he has posted in Twitter and Facebook -
So, it is now official. SSC will not make state allotment in CGLE 2013. What a senseless decision. SSC appears to be bent on burying transparency and thus directly fostering corruption. It first dispensed with the transparent display of marks of all candidates, thus indirectly encouraging frauds in SSC Examinations and now this........

What's you opinion? Share with us!

So friends, what do you think- did SSC take right decision or not? Share your views as comments here. We will be eagerly waiting for your opinion.

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  1. have to protest

  2. It will help to fill up all the vacancy
    very good decision