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Please Note: We have been requested not to publish his real name here. So we are unable to provide his name. All other details are same as said by him.

Venue of Interview: Kolkata

Interview Date: March, 2012

The panel consists of 3 members all of them from Delhi - one will be Joint secretary and other two director level . Some times Kolkata Commissioner may enter inside the room.

After giving my introduction, questions are asked from current national and international affairs like conflict in Pakistan and China border, Premier of neighboring countries, internal terrorist activity like Maoist issue,  terrorism in north-east in India etc.

My suggestions and recommendation to all candidates about IB ACIO Grade-II Interview

Questions may be asked related to India - Pak/China border conflict, India- Bangladesh recent deal, PM & PRESIDENTs of neighboring country, engineering candidates will be asked about their seriousness of this IB job. Interviewer will be checking your confidence level and sometimes they will demoralize you by saying negative job profile of IB Official also they can start debate with you over a matter like Maoist, Gorkha issue or North East AFSPA issue.

We thank you for sharing your interview experience with us! Hope it will help all the candidates shortlisted for interview.


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