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General Knowledge/General Awareness questions of NICL AO re-exam held on 22.12.2013

  1. Headquarter of Asian Development Bank (ADB).
  2. In which year World Trade Organization (WTO) was established?
  3. Which Government Body was established in First Five Year Plan?
  4. In which country, Coconut Triangle is present?
  5. Which river in India has been declared as National River by Govt. of India?
  6. Who is the President of Ghana?
  7. Where was first computer invented?
  8. Reason of souring of milk?
  9. When was NDC established?
  10. Which of the following book has been written by Kamala Das?
  11. Between which two places did the first Duronto Train run?
  12. Gold mine in India is in?
  13. Which of the following is the highest growing micro organism?
  14. Normal temperature of human body.
  15. Animal with constant body temperature is known as?
  16. On which river Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is located?
  17. Dengue is caused by?
  18. On which river Bhagra Dam is situated?
  19. In which unit, distance of stars is measured?
  20. In which temperature, the values in both Celcius and Farenhite are same?

If you remember rest of the general awareness/GK questions asked in NICL AO exam held 22.12.2013, you may share here.


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