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General Awareness questions of NICL AO Re-exam held on 15.12.2013

  1. Who is the Chairman of Lalit Kala Academy?
  2. Name the animal which is in WWF’s logo.
  3. Jet Engine was invented by?
  4. Who is known as the ‘Nepolian of India’?
  5. Byte is the unit of?
  6. Which component is in Led Pencil?
  7. Under whose reign, Painting was on the height?
  8. Which generation of computer uses IC?
  9. A book written by Barahamihir named ‘Brihadsamhita’ which is related with?
  10. Why was DDT banned?
  11. Which governor of India introduced ‘Doctrine of Lapse’?
  12. In Union Budget 2013-14, duty on cigarette has been increased by?
  13. Primary component of natural gas.
  14. Who wrote the book ‘India 2020’?
  15. Which sikh guru was known as Saccha Padshah?
  16. Name of the operation to execute of Kasab?
  17. To whom speaker of Lok Sabha can give his/her resignation?
  18. Who is Raul Kastro?
  19. Diu is the island of?
  20. When was CD-ROM invented?

If you remember rest of the NICL AO 2013 questions (15.12.2013), you may share here as comments.


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