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Paper-I & Paper-II review:

In paper-I, there are 100 Quantitative Ability questions of 200 marks and in paper-II, 200 English questions of 200 marks. The numerical ability (Math) section was too easy specially the arithmetic and algebra parts. There are only 4 data interpretation questions. All the question are straight-forward and you need not to think too much about the questions. Only you are required to spend few times while calculating the geometry questions which are lengthy and mainly theory based problems. 2-3 question are asked from trigonometry which are too easy. So, it is seen that the overall numerical ability section of SSC CGL 2013 Tier-II exam was easier than that of previous year question paper. The average attempt by candidates in math section is 70-75 marks (based on their feedback!).

Now comes to English language and comprehension paper. It was too easy paper. Many of the aspirants attempt full marks in English paper. Most interesting is that the passages were too easy and you need not waste much too time on the questions. Even if one does not read the whole passage carefully, he/she can answer all the questions correctly. 3-4 questions from Narration were same type of questions (so you can do those by applying one rule!). We have given below the English questions pattern and chapter-wise marks distribution as asked in SSC CGL Tier-II exam 2013.

  1. Error Correction- 20
  2. Fill with Appropriate Word- 5
  3. Synonym- 3
  4. Antonym- 3
  5. Correct Spelling- 3
  6. Idioms- 10
  7. Rearrangement- 20
  8. One Word substitution- 12
  9. Voice Change- 20
  10. Narration- 27
  11. Sentence Improvement- 22
  12. Cloze Test- 25
  13. Passage- 30

Paper-III (Statistics ) review of SSC CGL Tier-II exam 2013:

On 28.09.2013, the written test on paper-III i.e. statistics subject was conducted. This year, there was a little bit of change in question paper-II question paper. In this year, only 100 questions on statistics are asked (each question contains 2 marks) whereas in previous years there were total 200 statistics questions of 200 marks. According to the aspirants, statistics paper was too much tough than previous year's paper.

So, friend what should be the expected cutoff marks of SSC CGL 2013 Tier-II exam? What do you think? Share here your view and also your attempts in tier-II exam.

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  1. Stats paper was easy too.. And ur analysis is 99percent correct if not 100%