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The preliminary exam of West Bengal Civil Service (WBCS) 2018 conducted by West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC) has just been over today i.e. on 28th January. Now we are here to give a complete review and analysis on WBCS 2018 Preliminary Exam.

After seeing the question paper, it seems the question paper was quite standard as compared to previous year i.e. 2017. Few parts are moderate, few are easy to moderate.We are going to give you subject-wise analysis.

English : This part was moderate as compared to previous year. Most of the questions are standard level. Candidates have attempted 15-16 question in average.

History: This section was easy to moderate. In previous year, all the questions from Indian National Movement were straight forward and so quite easy to attempt. But this year, questions are not so easy as compared to previous year. But we can say you can attempt and score a good marks in this part.

Geography: This part was moderate. Few questions were very tough.

Indian Polity: Polity was moderate. Few questions have been asked from 'Articles' which are not so tough to answer. Rest of them are moderate.

Economics : This section comes up with quite toughness. 2-3 question are easy to answer. But rest are too standard.

General Science: This part was as usual. It was quite moderate.

General Intelligence : Nothing to more about GI section. It was usual-easy questions. You can attempt all the questions within the time.

Current Affairs: One word we have to say about this section - 'OMG!!'. Unlike few question, the current affairs questions are very tough. This part has shown its toughness.

Overall, we can say the paper was moderate. Attempting 135-140 questions is very good, we must say. In previous year, candidates attempted 150-155 question in average.

Then what will be cutoff marks for WBCS 2018 prelim exam?

Well, In 2017 WBCS Prelim exam, the cut marks was near about 111-112. Keeping all the facts in mind, we can say 100-102 would be the probable cutoff marks in WBCS 2018 Prelim exam.