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Don't get yet today's RRB NTPC CBT's questions? We are here to provide you general awareness including general science questions of RRB NTPC online test held on April 7, 2016. Check the questions here.

General Awareness questions of Rail NTPC CBT held on 07.04.2016

We have got some of the questions asked in the exam based on the memories of the candidates who wrote today's exam. These questions includes questions of all the three shifts- 1st, 2nd, 3rd shifts.

  • Who is the chairperson of Human Rights Commission? (Ans- H L Dattu)
  • Azad Hind Fauz formed in? (Ans- 1943)
  • Full form of PCB? (Ans- Printed Circuit Board)
  • Chairman of Bank Board Bureau? (Ans- Vinod Rai)
  • National Motto of our country? (Ans- Satyameva Jayate)
  • East India Company came to India in which year? (Ans- 1600)
  • Winner of Asia Cup 2015? (Ans- India)
  • President of BCCI? (Ans- Shashank Manohar)
  • Brand Ambassador of Tata Motors? (Ans- Lionel Messi)
  • Prime Minister of Bangladesh during 1971? (Ans- Tajuddin Ahmad)
  • Who became president of UN in 2011 for the second time? (Ans- Ban-ki-Moon)
  • In which year, NASA was established? (Ans- 1958)
  • What is full form of GSLV? (Ans- Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle)
  • Who launched SMAP satellite? (Ans- NASA)
  • Which country is known as 'Land of the Morning Calm'? (Ans- South Korea)
  • Father of White Revolution' in India? (Ans- Varghese Kurien)
  • Author of 'A Brief History of Seven Killings'? (Ans- Marlon James)
  • Fastest memory? (Ans- Cache)
  • Yogeswar Dutt is related to which field? (Ans- Wrestling)
  • Who wrote Natya Shastra? (Ans- Bharata Muni)
  • The book 'To the Brink and Back' is written by? (Ans- Jairam Ramesh)
  • Unit for measuring Ozone Layer Thickness? (Ans- Dobson Unit- DU)
  • Acid used in car battery? (Ans- Sulfuric Acid)
  • In which year, WHO was established? (Ans- 1948)
  • Name the disease that is caused by female anopheles mosquito? (Ans- Malaria)
  • One question on Lalit Kala Academy?
  • Where was SAADMEX 2015 summit held? (Ans- New Delhi)
  • Winner of Man Booker Prize 2015? (Ans- Marlon James)
  • In which region, Evergreen Forests have been seen? (Ans- Equatorial Region)

If you remember rest of the questions asked in the online exam, you may share with us.


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