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We have published here general awareness questions including general studies questions asked in RRB NTPC online exam held on 4th April, 2016. Read out!

  • Earth Day is observed on? (Ans- 22nd April)
  • Name of the parent company of Google? (Ans- Alphabet Inc.)
  • Governor General of India after Mountbatten? (Ans- C. Rajagopalachari)
  • Who is known as the Father of White Revolution? (Ans- Varghese Kurein)
  • Which was the India's 1st satellite? (Ans- Aryabhata)
  • Which is responsible for Zica virus? (Ans- Aedes Mosquito)
  • Currency of South Africa? (Ans- South African Rand)
  • Number of players in Polo game? (Ans- 4)
  • National Game of China? (Ans- Table Tennis)
  • Tajmahal was set up by? (Ans- Sahajahan)
  • Who built Jantar Mantar in Delhi?
  • Full form of IPTL? (Ans- International Premier Tennis League)
  • Who is the cultural ambassador of Seychelles? (Ans- A.R. Rahaman)
  • Eye balls are controlled  by how many muscles? (Ans- 6)
  • Who wrote the autobiography 'Unknown Indian'? (Ans- Nirad C. Choudhury)
  • World's 1st woman doctor? (Ans- Elizabeth Blackwell)
  • Name of acid present in grapes? (Ans- Tartaric)
  • Nearest galaxy to milk way? (Ans- Andromeda)

That's we have collected based on the memories of the candidates. 

If you remember rest of the questions, you may share her.


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