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Do you need RRB NTPC 2016 questions? We are going to share here general awareness questions of RRB NTPC 2016 online test held on 27th April, 2016 in the all shifts.

General Awareness Questions of RRB NTPC 2016 Exam held on April 27, 2016

These questions have been collected based on memories.

  • Thomas Cup is related to which sports? (Ans- Badminton)
  • Who is the 1st lokayukt of BCCI? (Ans- Justice Ajit Praksh Shah)
  • Capital of Mizoram? (Ans- Aizwal)
  • Total number of countries in 2016 T20 World Cup except hosting country? (Ans- 15)
  • In Tamil Nadu, Salt Satyagraha Movement was carries by whom? (Ans- C. Rajagopalachari)
  • For which serial, Priyanka Chopra won People Choice Award 2016? (Ans- Quantico)
  • What is the distance between tje earth and the sun? 
  • What is the official language of Goa? 
  • Speed of Light?
  • In which state IIM is recently opened? (Ans-  Andhra Pradesh)
  • President of Mayanmar? (Ans- Htin Kyaw)
  • Old name of ICC? (Ans- Imperial Cricket Conference)
  • Pearl City of India? 
  • Pituitary Gland does not secret which hormone? (Ans- TSH)
  • Mahabalipural is located at which district? (Ans- Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu)
  • In which city Salar Jung Museum is located? (Ans- Hyderabad)
  • Gas that is used in yellow street lamp? (Ans- Neon)
  • What is the name of Pakistan Parliament? (Ans- Majlis-e-Shora)
  • What is the full form of CDM? (Ans- Cash Deposit Machine)
  • Normal temperature of human body? (Ans- 98.4F)
  • Which is the most intelligent mammal in the world? (Ans- Dolphins)
  • Capital of Manipur? (Ans- Imphal)
  • Which gas is mostly found in Venus? (Ans- CO2)
  • Which is the largest network in India? (Ans- Indian Railway)
  • Study of Liver is known as? 
  • Element of platelet that helps blood to coagulate? (Ans- Fibrin)
  • Who is the captain of India's T20 world cup cricket team?
  • Where is Raja Ram park is located?
  • Which is the world's happiest country?

If you remember rest of the questions, share with us here as comments.


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