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Are you searching for RRB NTPC 2016 question papers? We have shared here general awareness and general studies questions of Rail NTPC online exam held on 26th April, 2016 in all shifts.

General Awareness Questions of Rail NTPC CBT held on 26.04.2016

We have got these questions from the candidates based on their memories.
  • Jaistambh is situated at? (Ans- Raipur)
  • National Security Adviser of India appointed in 2014? (Ans- Ajit Doval)
  • Full form of FTP? (Ans- File Transfer Protocol)
  • Atom Bomb was invented by? 
  • Full form of IUCN? 
  • Dwarf Planet? (Ans- Pluto)
  • Dandi March was called in which year? (Ans- 1930)
  • H.S. Prannoy is related to which sports? (Ans- Badminton)
  • Official language of Nagaland? (Ans- English)
  • Digestive Acid? (Ans- HCL)
  • Earlier name of Allahabad? (Ans- Prayag)
  • Alternative name of Duodenum? 
  • Another name of Shift Key? (Ans- Modifier Key)
  • How many number of teams were in 2016 World T20 Womens world cup? (Ans- 10)
  • The Sun is composed of which gases? (Ans- Hydrogen and Helium)
  • In our national flag, while color is a symbol of? (Ans- Peace)
  • Santosh Trophy is related to which game? (Ans- Football)
  • Capital of Syria is? 
  • Which is the smallest planet in our solar system? (Ans- Mercury)
  • Which is stomach acid? (Ans- Gastric Acid)
  • Pashupathinath Temple is in which country? (Ans- Nepal)
  • Brand Ambassador of 'Atulya Bharat'? (Ans- Amitabh Bachhan)
  • Tom Hanks is related to which field? (Ans- Film)
  • Name the device that is used to measure current? (Ans- Ammeter)
  • Forbidden city of China?
  • Which is southern river? (Ans- Godavari)
  • Brain of Computer? (Ans- CPU)
  • Which is not a green house gas? (Ans- Methane)

That's all we have shared. 

If you remember rest of the questions asked in today's RRB NTPC 2016 exam, you may share with us.


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