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We have shared here solved general awareness including general science questions of Rail NTPC online exam held on April 19, 2016 in all shifts. Read Out!

Rail NTPC General Awareness Questions asked on 19.04.2016 with solutions

These questions have been collected based on memories.

  1. Dadasaheb Phalke Award 2015 was conferred to whom? (Ans - Sashi Kapoor)
  2. Davis Cup 2016 Tournament was held in? (Ans - England)
  3. Unit of pressure? (Ans - Pascal)
  4. Saina Nehwal is related to which sport? (Ans - Badminton)
  5. Headquarter of ISRO? (Ans - Bengaluru)
  6. CEO of Google? (Ans - Sundar Pichai)
  7. Current Rail Minister? (Ans - Suresh Prabhu)
  8. Commander Chief of all military forces? (Ans - President)
  9. Full form of ASCII? (Ans - American Standard Code for Information Interexchange)
  10. World Wetland Day is on? (Ans - February 2)
  11. Function of Stabilizer?
  12. Brain of Computer? (Ans - CPU)
  13. Gita was converted into English in which year? (Ans - 1785)
  14. Women Day is on? (Ans - March 8)
  15. Ravi Shankar was penalized for how much amount? (Ans - 5 crore)
  16. Third king of Mughal Dynasty? (Ans - Akbar)
  17. Process of purification of sea water? (Ans - Desalination)
  18. Manusmriti is written in which language? (Ans - Sanskrit)
  19. Freezing point of water? (Ans - 0 degree celcius)
  20. Chairperson of SBI? (Ans - Arundhati Bhattacharya)
  21. Halley Comet to be appeared in which year? (Ans - 2061)
  22. Name the party that won 2nd highest seat in 2014 Lok Sabha assembly? (Ans - Congress)
  23. Number of Tigers  in 2014? (Ans - 2226)
  24. Defence Minister of India? (Ans - Manohar Parikkar)
  25. Historical Kakori Train Robbery was happened in which city? (Ans - Lucknow)
  26. In which year, Pluto was discovered? (Ans - 1930)
  27. Man of the series in 2016 Asia Cup T-20? (Ans - Sabbir Rahaman)
  28. State that has the maximum boundaries with other states? (Ans - UP)
  29. Nature of Methane Gas? (Ans - Colorless, Odorless gas)
  30. Old name of SBI? (Ans - Imperial Bank of India)

That's all we got from the aspirants.


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