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The first day of Railway recruitment board NTPC computer based test (CBT) has just been conducted today i.e. on 28.03.2016. We have already shared our analysis on RRB NTPC 2016 online exam held on 28.03.2016. If not yet read this, go through now.

General Awareness questions of RRB NTPC CBT held on 28th March, 2016

Friends, as it is an online exam, candidates could not go out the centre with the exam papers in hands! So, based on memories of some candidates, we have collected few questions which have been shared here. We have also given the actual answers of the questions at the end of each question.

  1. Father of Indian Space Research? (Ans- Vikram Sarabhai)
  2. What is the Capital of Denmark?  (Ans- Copenhagen)
  3. International Yoga Day is on?  (Ans- 21st June)
  4. Ornithology is related to?  (Ans- Study of Birds)
  5. 2nd largest country in Asia?  (Ans- China)
  6. Who is the 1st Indian Olympic player to be awarded Padma Shree?  (Ans- Balbir Singh)
  7. Name of the dog that went into space?  (Ans- Laika)
  8. 2018 Winter Olympic Games will be held in?  (Ans- Pyeongchang, South Korea)
  9. Who discovered Polio Vaccine?  (Ans- Dr. Jonas Salk)
  10. Who is the 1st Indian female athlete to win medal in Asian Games?  (Ans- Kamaljit Sandhu)
  11. Ajanta Cave is situated in?  (Ans- Maharashtra)
  12. Alternative name of computer chip?  (Ans- Microprocessor)
  13. The country that gifted 'Statue of Liberty' to USA?  (Ans- France)
  14. 4th January is the Independence Day of which country?  (Ans- Mayanmar)
  15. Oldest Dam of India?  
  16. In which year Rabindranath Tagore got the nobel prize?  (Ans- 1913)
  17. Total number of Fundamental Duties?  (Ans- 11)
  18. Who founded DMK party? 
  19. Who is the 1st Governor General of Free India?  (Ans- Lord Mountbatten)
  20. Who was the 1st Speaker of  Lok Sabha ?  (Ans- GV Mavalankar)
  21. Which is the smallest planet in the solar system?  (Ans- Mercury )
  22. Where was UN Climate Change summit held recently?  (Ans- Paris, France)
  23. How many players are in a Kho Kho team?  (Ans- 9)
  24. Who are 2016 French Open Men's & Women's Singles winners?
  25. Largest country in the world in respect of area?  (Ans- Canada)

That's all we have collected based on the memories of the aspirants appeared for the online exam. If you remember other questions you may share here.

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