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Friends, yesterday we provided the answer keys of WBSSC TET Social Studies question paper. Today we are going to share here solutions of SSC TET 2015 English questions. Check out!

Disclaimer: These answer keys are made by us. This is not official answer keys.

Complete Solution/ Answer Keys of SSC TET 2015 English Paper

In problem solving method the teacher
Encourage divergent thinking
A teacher develop communicating skills with students by
Encouraging to speak in that
In effective learning the students
The poet urges to move him into the sun because
 It woke him once earlier
General tone of the poem
The sun always woke him in
Was it for this the day grew tall
Real writer
leslie Mc flare
If anything is capable of awakening him it is
the warmth of the sun
What made fatuous sunbeams toil
Nancy drew mystery series introduced in
A ghost writer is someone
Does not receive credit as an author
Teachers and librarians objected ghost writing because
They believed that the books were not quality literature
Surmised means
Key principle of language teaching
Motivate students in the
process of learning
Abstract intelligence
Manipulation of symbol
Primary skills in language teaching
Listening and speaking
Hardy boys and nancy drew series created on the idea that
Children enjoy reading about characters they can relate to
Multilingual classroom

Students with different mother tongues
Main challenge in diverse class room
facing mixed ability group of learner
Today emphasis should be given
Value based teaching-learning
Communicating ideas in written from grammar has
Liberal role
Practice of learning over and beyond the requirement of a particular age
Giving dictation is not useful
Helping students to spell correctly
Gender stereotypes discouraged by
Encourage girls to take up challenging jobs in life
Language comprehension and proficiency evaluated
By evaluating all the four skills in different periods of time through out the course

If you seem that there is any discrepancies in answer keys, feel free to inform us.

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  1. Over Learning Repetition or practice beyond what is required for retention. Option B

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