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Name- Sourav Chatterjee

Venue - Kolkata nizam palace.

Time - 8.30 am

Sharing My SSC CGL-2013 Interview Experience:

Just many many procedures...nothing worrying...coming to main part.....I am MSC in Biotechnology..

M-1...What is the application of Biotech, Its situation in India, What is BT stands for? What is GM crop, Does we gave GM crop grown in India? Why so many farmer suicides? Govt policy failure? taken about Bt Cotton..frm der which soil cotton is cultivated? which states r best in India for cotton cultivation? Tell the route of Hoogly river...which Industry has grown over here? which industray have grown in upper course of Ganga? which are the main causes of Ganga pollution? How can we purify the pollutant coming out of industry ( I thought there are some instruments called suspended particular precipitator etc which may be he wanted to know ). What is the role of Pollution control board....When was Environment Protection act enacted....Tell about any act regarding water.

M-2...Gave a pad...and pencil....there...1) a small easy GI was asked...2) what is PIE? find the ratio of the area of a circle and square( the sides of square and radius of cirlce being same)...3) gave two equations to solve...x and y..d tricky part is ..u cant solve it...they wanted to know what type of graph it will produce? d answer was...d lines r parallel.

ssc cgl interview experienceM-3....What u read in free time? name of hobby is asked abt some foreign painters...some personal u did very good in academics..why coming to general line..etc

Chairman: What is Biofertilizer, What is Green Manure? whats difference...who recently got Nobel prize for RNA related work..where he works ? ....

Atlast they left CSIR-NET RANK....PHD chance in IISC,Bangalore..coming here in govt job..i hope u hv a pleasant career .!!!

I said...thanks a lot for your wishes Sir, Mam.

We thanks Mr. Sourav Chatterjee for sharing his SSC CGL 2013 interview experience with us. Good luck for the result!

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