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General Knowledge questions of PA/ SA 2014 exam held on 18.05.2014 with answer keys( J&K circle) 

  • A joint session of parliament is presided over by whom? (Ans- The Speaker)
  • In which battle, Rana Sangram Singh was defeated by Babar?  (Ans- Chittor)
  • Rickets disease is caused by the deficiency of which vitamin? (Ans- Vitamin D)
  • What does earthworm excrete? (Ans- Urea)
  • Ninety East Ridge is situated in? (Ans- Indian Ocean) 
  • The parliament of which country is named as 'Knesset'? (Ans- Israel)
  • To which, ASBA scheme is related? (Ans- Initial Public Offer)
  • Total number of nations in SAARC organization? (Ans- 8)
  • Chairman of SEBI? (Ans- U.K. Sinha)
  • Santosh Trophy is related to which sports? (Ans- Football)
  • While waiting for the bus, a man holds a weight of 15 kg for 20 minutes. What is the work done? (Ans- zero joule)
  • By typhoid disease, which part of our body is affected? (Ans- Intenstine)
  • With which sports, the term 'Silly' is related to? (Ans- Cricket)
  • Blood comprises of? (Ans-RBC, WBC, Platelet and Plasma)
  • For how many times, Lok Sabha is called in session? (Ans-twice a year)

We have collected some of questions based on the memory of the aspirants. If you remember rest of the questions, you may share here as comments.


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