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PA/ SA General Knowledge questions asked on 11.05.2014 (Tamil Nadu circle)

  • Full form of BIFR.
  • Motto of Olympic Games 2020
  • Vernacular Press Act was introduced by?
  • BIMSTEC summit has been recently held in?
  • Through which of the following countries, the equator does not pass?
  • Number of protons and electrons of carbon atom whose atomic number is 12?
  • The percentage of copper and zinc in Brass are?
  • 10 Degree Channel is between which islands?
  • Founder of Vijaynagar Empire.
  • What is the full form of BOD?
  • From which country, first woman has been introduced in ICC Umpires panel?
  • Who did not confer Padma Vibhusan Award 2013?
We haven't collected rest of the questions. If you know the questions, you may share here.

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