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Name of the Posts to be recruited through UPSC Civil Service Exam

  • Indian Administrative Service.
  • Indian Foreign Service.
  • Indian Police Service.
  • Indian P & T Accounts & Finance Service, Group ‘A’.
  • Indian Audit and Accounts Service, Group ‘A’.
  • Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Central Excise), Group ‘A’.
  • Indian Defence Accounts Service, Group ‘A’.
  • Indian Revenue Service (I.T.), Group ‘A’.
  • Indian Ordnance Factories Service, Group ‘A’ (Assistant Works Manager, Administration).
  • Indian Postal Service, Group ‘A’.
  • Indian Civil Accounts Service, Group ‘A’.
  • Indian Railway Traffic Service, Group ‘A’.
  • Indian Railway Accounts Service, Group 'A'.
  • Indian Railway Personnel Service, Group ‘A’.
  • Post of Assistant Security Commissioner in Railway Protection Force, Group ‘A’
  • Indian Defence Estates Service, Group ‘A’.
  • Indian Information Service (Junior Grade), Group ‘A’.
  • Indian Trade Service, Group 'A' (Gr. III).
  • Indian Corporate Law Service, Group "A".
  • Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service, Group ‘B’ (Section Officer’s Grade).
  • Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Daman & Diu and Dadra &Nagar Haveli Civil Service, Group 'B'.
  • Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli Police Service, Group 'B'.
  • Pondicherry Civil Service, Group 'B'

Vacancy, Eligibility details for UPSC Civil Service Exam in 2014

Vacancy: There are total 1291 vacant posts are available.

Educational Qualification: Candidates must be a graduate in any discipline from a recognized university.

Age Limit: Between 21-32 years as on 01.08.2014.

How to apply for UPSC Civil Service Recruitment Exam

Application Fees: Rs. 100 for General/ OBC candidates. No fee is needed for SC/ ST/ PWD candidates. Application fees can be paid through Offline (payment challan) or Online (Net-Banking).

How to apply: Candidates are required to apply online through UPSC official website

Important Dates: 

Staring date of online registration: 31.05.2014
Last date of online application: 30.06.2014 till 11.59 p.m.
Last date of payment fees: 29.06.2014 till 11.59 p.m.
Date of Preliminary Exam: 24.08.2014

Read out the official advertisement for UPSC Civil Service 2014 Examination.

To view the result status of UPSC CDS 2014 Exam (I), check here.

Many many congratulations to all shortlisted candidates!

Name of all Cabinet Ministers of India and their Ministries after 2014 Lok Sabha Election

  • Prime Minister : Narendra Damodardas Modi
  • Home Affairs : Rajnath Singh
  • Finance & Defence : Arun Jaitley
  • Railways : D.V. Sadananda Gowda
  • Minority Affairs : Najma Heptulla
  • Tribal Affairs : Jual Oram
  • External Affairs : Sushma Swaraj
  • Health and Family Welfare : Dr. Harsh Vardhan
  • Maneka Gandhi : Women and Child Development
  • Agriculture : Radha Mohan Singh
  • Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution : Ram Vilas Paswan
  • Communications and IT, Law and Justice : Ravi Shankar Prasad
  • Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises : Anant Geete
  • Civil Aviation : Ashok Gajapathi Raju
  • Food Processing Industries : Harsimrat Kaur Badal
  • Mines, Steel, Labour and Employment : Narendra Singh Tomar
  • Road Transport and Highways, Shipping : Nitin Gadkari
  • Human Resource Development : Smriti Irani
  • Social Justice and Empowerment : Thawar Chand Gehlot
  • Urban Development and Parliamentary Affairs : Venkaiah Naidu
  • Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation : Uma Bharati
  • Food Processing Industries : Harsimrat Kaur Badal
  • Rural Development, Panchayati Raj : Gopinath Munde
  • Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises : Kalraj Mishra

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The result is available for different zones. To view your result status of FCI MT 2013 recruitment exam, visit or check here.

Congratulations to all successful candidates!

How many vacancies are there in SSC CHSL 2013 Recruitment

Well, SSC has now released the total vacancies along with category-wise vacancies. We are giving here the vacancy details-
  • DEO - Total 1016 (UR 517, OBC 274, SC 150, ST 75)
  • LDC - Total 2018 (UR 1014, OBC 563, SC 253, ST 188)

ssc chsl resultFor DEO post, total 4670 candidates have been qualified in DEST out of 7396 candidates and for LDC, 4709 out of 9887 candidates.

To view the roll number of provisionally selected candidates through SSC CHSL 2013 recruitment, check here.

General Knowledge Questions with Answer Keys asked in PA/ SA exam held on 18.05.2014 (Punjab Postal Circle)

  • Capital of South Sudan? (Ans- Juba)
  • Which Indian state has the largest wind farm cluster? (Ans- Tamil Nadu)
  • Name the country who has implemented Nitaqat Law recently? (Ans- Saudi Arab)
  • When was the Lokpal and Lokayukta Bill 2013 got the ascent of the President? (Ans- 1st January, 2014)
  • In which Indian state, Nagarjun Sagar Dam is situated? (Ans- Andhra Pradesh)
  • Region of Chilka lake is situated between the deltas of which two rivers? (Ans- Godavari and Mahanadi)
  • Which is not a fossil fuel or not derived from fossil fuel? (Ans- Bio Gas)
  • Who was the first Indian Governor General of independent India? (Ans- Chakravarty Rajagopalachari)
  • For maximum how many days, Rajya Sabha can delay a money bill which is passed by Lok Sabha? (Ans- 14 days)
  • Who was the President of Congress during Surat Session (in 1907)? (Ans- )
  • Against whom Shahjahan fought the battle of Kartarpur? (Ans- Guru Hargovind Singh)
  • Which are the three fundamental quantities? (Ans- Length, Mass and Time)
  • Recently one cricket created history on 1st January, 2014 by scoring fastest ever century in ODI cricket off 36 balls. He is from which country? (Ans- New Zealand)
  • What does Schedule 8 in the constitution of India deal with? (Ans- Languages)
  • Huein Tsang visited the Chalukya Kingdom during whose reign? (Ans- Pulakesin-II)
  • What does it mean when finance minister keeps some services under the negative list?
  • Which is not a natural environment? (Ans- Crop Field)

If you remember rest of GK questions, you may share with us.

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General Knowledge questions of PA/ SA 2014 exam held on 18.05.2014 with answer keys( J&K circle) 

  • A joint session of parliament is presided over by whom? (Ans- The Speaker)
  • In which battle, Rana Sangram Singh was defeated by Babar?  (Ans- Chittor)
  • Rickets disease is caused by the deficiency of which vitamin? (Ans- Vitamin D)
  • What does earthworm excrete? (Ans- Urea)
  • Ninety East Ridge is situated in? (Ans- Indian Ocean) 
  • The parliament of which country is named as 'Knesset'? (Ans- Israel)
  • To which, ASBA scheme is related? (Ans- Initial Public Offer)
  • Total number of nations in SAARC organization? (Ans- 8)
  • Chairman of SEBI? (Ans- U.K. Sinha)
  • Santosh Trophy is related to which sports? (Ans- Football)
  • While waiting for the bus, a man holds a weight of 15 kg for 20 minutes. What is the work done? (Ans- zero joule)
  • By typhoid disease, which part of our body is affected? (Ans- Intenstine)
  • With which sports, the term 'Silly' is related to? (Ans- Cricket)
  • Blood comprises of? (Ans-RBC, WBC, Platelet and Plasma)
  • For how many times, Lok Sabha is called in session? (Ans-twice a year)

We have collected some of questions based on the memory of the aspirants. If you remember rest of the questions, you may share here as comments.

PA/ SA General Knowledge questions asked on 11.05.2014 (Tamil Nadu circle)

  • Full form of BIFR.
  • Motto of Olympic Games 2020
  • Vernacular Press Act was introduced by?
  • BIMSTEC summit has been recently held in?
  • Through which of the following countries, the equator does not pass?
  • Number of protons and electrons of carbon atom whose atomic number is 12?
  • The percentage of copper and zinc in Brass are?
  • 10 Degree Channel is between which islands?
  • Founder of Vijaynagar Empire.
  • What is the full form of BOD?
  • From which country, first woman has been introduced in ICC Umpires panel?
  • Who did not confer Padma Vibhusan Award 2013?
We haven't collected rest of the questions. If you know the questions, you may share here.

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Q. For how many days the battle of Mahabharata was fought at Kurukshetra?

A. 16 days
B. 14 days
C. 18 days
D. 20 days

Q. In Rigaveda, which of the following river is not mentioned?

A. Yomuna
B. Sindhu
C. Saraswati
D. Periyar

vedic period Q. Which of the following was the staple food of the Vedic Aryan?

A. vegetables and fruits
B. milk and its products
C. barley and rice
D. rice and pulses

Q. Who wrote Sanskrit Grammar?

A. Kalidas
B. Panini
C. Chakra
D. None of the above

Q. Who wrote Nayaya Sutra?

A. Gautam
B. Kanad
C. Badrayan
D. Kapil

Q. Who wrote Ashtadhyayi?

A. Kalidas
B. Panini
C. Balmiki
D. Ved Vyas

Q. What is the actual meaning of Aryan?

A. Cultivator
B. Brahmachari
C. Of good family
D. None of these

Q. What are Upanishad? These are books on-

A. Religion
B. Yoga
C. Philosophy
D. Law

Q. The Gayatri Mantra was composed by-

A. Indra
B. Vasishtha
C. Vishwamitra
D. Panini

Q. What was the religion of Vedic Aryans?

A. Bhakti
B. Worship of nature and Yajnas
C. Worship of nature and Bhakti
D. Image worship and Yajnas

Q. From which of the following, the words Satyameva Jayate in the State Emblem of India have been adopted?

A. Brahma Upanishad
B. Mundak Upanishad
C. Mudgala Upanishad
D. None of these

Q. Who was the great law giver during Vedic Period?

A. Ashoka
B. Mahavir
C. Manu
D. Vatsyayana

Q. The Shrimad Bhagavad Gita was originally written?

A. Prakit
B. Sanskrit
C. Pali
D. None of these

Q. What is the literal meaning of Aryans?

A. Priest
B. Warrior
C. Learned
D. Superior

Q. Which God is the most prominent in Rigaveda?

A. Agni
B. Indra
C. Vishnu
D. Pasupati

Q. The Many Smriti are books on-

A. War
B. Law
C. Economics
D. Social order

Q. Who was the expounder of Yoga philosophy?

A. Panini
B. Patanjali
C. Gautam
D. Sankaracharya

Q. In Rigavega, God Varun was-

A. Destroyer of foes
B. Guardian of the cosmic order
C. God of prosperity
D. None of the above

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