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Postal Assistant/ Sorting Assistant 2014 GK Questions of 27th April's Exam

  • Uber Cup and Thomas Cup are associated with which sports?
  • Who is the winner of Gandhi Peace Prize 2013?
  • What are in Acid Rain that destroys vegetation?
  • Which is Rabi Crop?
  • Where is the head quarter of International Olympic Committee (IOA)?
  • Which state has the unicameral legislature?
  • Who is the present Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) in India?
  • Which state is known as 'God's Own Country'?
  • Which soil is suitable for cultivating Cashew Nut?
  • Which is the highest mountain peak in south India?
  • Between whom the third Battle of Panipat was fought?
  • Who is the Ex-Officio chairman of Council of States?
  • When RBI cut down Cash Reserve Ration (CRR), what is its impact?
  • Which of the following has a polymer- Natural rubber?
  • Which team is the winner of Hockey India League 2014 Championship?

You may also share here some general awareness questions of today's PA/ SA 2014 exam.

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