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Most of the candidates are not aware of the job profiles or nature of the jobs as PA/ SA and don't know how to give PA/ SA post preferences. That's why we will give a brief information about various posts of postal assistant/ sorting assistant here. Before applying for these posts, read out the detailed analysis on job profiles. Hope it will help you to choose PA/ SA post preference.

A detailed analysis on Postal Assistant/ Sorting Assistant Job Profiles

We are giving here different post-wise job nature and profiles.

PAPO (Postal Assistant in Post Offices)

If you visit any post office, you may see employees who are present in the counter, are the postal assistant. If you are selected for this post, you will be posted in any post office in different divisions. You have to deal the customers directly. As a PAPO sitting in the counter, you have to sell postage stamps, dispatched letters by speed posts, registered posts or provide information regarding any mail services to the customers. The work pressure for this post is high as you have to engage all the times to do these tasks of the customers.

SARMS (Sorting Assistant in Railway Mail Service)

As a sorting assistant, you have to sort out the mails. According to urgency, location, the mails are dispatched after sorting out by SA. When mails are to be sent to various locations, firstly those mails are sent to Office of Railway Mail Service (RMS) where the mails are sorted according to their locations by a SA. A SARMS will not be posted in any post office, rather posted in RMS units which are available mainly near the Railway Station. There are advantage and disadvantage of this post. The disadvantage is work will be in shift-wise and often you have to work in night shift also. There is no 10 AM to 5 PM duties. The advantage is if you work in a night shift, then next day you will get a holiday. So, female candidates need to think twice before choosing this post.

PASBCO (Postal Assistant in Savings Bank Control Organization)

You might have got some idea by reading the name of the post. As a PASBCO, you have to deal with postal savings bank related work. You will be posted in Head Offices. The work pressure of PASBCO is less than that of PAPO as you don't have to deal the customer directly.

PACA/ RO (Postal Assistant in Circle/ Regional Offices)

Circle or Regional Offices are the administrative wings of Department of Post in India. The posts for this job will be in circle/ regional offices which are mainly situated in main cities. The main advantage of PACA/ RO is that you have to work in the office from Monday to Friday. The nature of duty is mainly file work.The chances of promotion for PACA/ RO is better than any other post.

PARLO (Postal Assistant in Returned Letter Offices)

Let me give an example to clarify the nature of work as a PARLO. Suppose, one letter has been dispatched to an address which is not properly mentioned on the letter. Then the letter will be either sent back to the sender's address or re-directed to Returned Letter Offices. As a PARLO, you have to locate the exact address to dispatch it or re-directed to sender's address.

PAMMS (Postal Assistant in Mail Motor Services)

As PAMMS generally look after the intra-city transmission of mail services between Mail Offices and Post Offices.

PAFPO (Postal Assistant in Foreign Post Organization)

A PAFPO normally deals with the foreign articles which are transmitted through post offices. You will be posted in Head Offices. The promotion chances are good in this post.

So, friends, hope it will be useful to you. Don't forget to mention here how much helpful this article is.

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