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General Awareness questions of NICL AO exam held on 08.09.2013

  1. Where was the G-20 Summit held in 2012?
  2. Who is the present telecom minister of India?
  3. Highest GDP growth country in 2011.
  4. Where was the World Biodiversity Convention 2012 held?
  5. 2011 International Physics Olympiad held in?
  6. Which country had the highest literacy rate in 2012?
  7. Where is the National Research Centre for Plant Biotech located?
  8. Where is NRSA located?
  9. Which revolution is known as Golden Revolution?
  10. Who gives Infra Bonds?
  11. On which day World Press Freedom Day is celebrated?
  12. Who provides Exporters Credit?
  13. How much percentage of area in India is covered by Forest?
  14. 'Bayana'- name of a place, recently came in news. It is in which state?
  15. Which company has the tag line 'Think Different'?
  16. Centurion Bank of Punjab?
  17. Present Defence Minister of India.
  18. 2000th ICC Test match was played between which two countries?
We have collected some of the NICL AO 2013 exam's GK questions from the candidates based on their memory. You may share here some questions.

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